Skiing As A Way Of Improving Mental Health


Most ski enthusiasts take the slope challenge for the love and thrill of the sport. However, only a few have come to realize that there is more to skiing than just the thrill. From your physical as well as your mental well-being, there are many reasons for you to plan on going for the slopes on your next holiday. If you’ve been skiing for quite a while now, perhaps next time you’d be more eager to do it to improve your mental health. Here are some reasons why.


Skiing Can Improve Mental Health Because:

  1. It’s a form of exercise,so it helps alleviate or prevent depression.

For people who are stressed, anxious, and depressed, doctors may recommend that they engage in some kind of hobby or exercise. This is because regular physical activity releases the toxins in your body along with the happy hormones that make one feel better about himself. That is the general outcome of the exercise. Doctors suggest approximately 150 hours of regular exercise per week. Skiing makes this so much easier to achieve – with its lift, slide, and balance techniques that are not that easy to learn.

“For starters, exercise releases endorphins, the body’s “feel-good hormones,” that can calm the mind and relax the body.” -Clinical psychologist Jenny C. Yip, PsyD

  1. It has been associated with making people happy.


That wouldn’t be difficult to feel especially if you are a ski fanatic. But it has been proven that skiing does work even for the first-timers. This is according to a study done by Yonsei University. With 279 participants divided into three groups – first did skiing, second did snowboarding, third did a little bit of both – the study revealed that the participants who focused more on skiing came out happier than the rest. Isn’t this a great excuse to book that ski holiday now?

“Happy people make healthier choices,” –Scott Glassman, PsyD.

  1. The outdoors greatly impacts a person’s confidence and well-being.

One feels more freedom and air when he is outside, and studies have proven through the years how it affects overall happiness and boosts one’s immune system. You also feel more carefree and a little less anxious when you’re playing a sport in the light of the day. People who have panic attacks become more depressed when they are contained indoor even when the space is considerably large, apparently because their emotions are somewhat caged. Introducing outdoor sports like skiing will show much improvement in them.


  1. It improves overall muscular and cardiovascular strength.

You’re up on your feet doing slides and jumps most of the time. The bodywork is awesome, and the calorie burn is overwhelming. It also involves a lot of balance and agility. Finally, the ski techniques are a great workout for the lungs and the heart, enhancing overall cardiovascular strength. Thus, it does not only benefit us mentally but physically as well.


  1. Traveling is good for the soul.


Going on a vacation with family or friends has many positive outcomes. Imagine traveling to Canada or Sweden with them, where the atmosphere is cool and laidback and stress-free. Learning the basics of skiing improves your focus and memory, thus effectively enhancing your brain function as well. You also get to socialize with different people and start interesting conversations with them about skiing and just about anything. It is mentally healthy for the brain and ultimately for the soul.

“Vacations are coping mechanisms that help us adapt to the everyday stresses in our lives.” –John Mayer, PhD


It won’t take much convincing when you finally decide to take that slope challenge. The body and mind will benefit greatly from it, and the soul will benefit from the breathtaking view of the trails that you visit. It would be wise to plan that ski vacation now before all the winter flights to the snowy countries get filled!