Winter Skiing Tips For The Rookie Skier


Many parents – mine included – want their children to learn skiing at an early age. Even when what all their kids do outside is eat snow, they see it as a beginner’s way of learning how to love the winter – and the sport itself. Nevertheless, they would be happy to see their little ones play in the snow and learn to slide and glide and fall over and over. In a way, they’d be exposed to the game the informal way. Later on, they will be learning the formal lessons with a seasoned ski instructor.

True enough, my friends and I have grown to love the cold weather, and now we feel that we are ready to begin the proper skiing lessons – rookie level.

If you’re one of us, below is a list of tips for rookie skiers to help them have a smoother and easier journey towards learning the art of skiing.


Hire An Instructor


Perhaps your boyfriend, dad, or best friend would probably offer their free services, but if you’re a rookie, a ski instructor will definitely make learning skiing easier. If possible, get an instructor for a one-on-one class so you’ll learn the moves quicker. Chuck, one of my buddies, was already trying his skis on the mountains by day three because the instructions were clearer and the speed of the lessons was faster. I, on the other hand, took about five days, along with my fellow rookies who were with me in a group class.


Skiing Is As Much Mental As It Is Physical

I have been skiing with guys younger than me, but the truth is told, I realized in the first week that they were learning faster than I did, and I wondered why. Then I noticed that each time I would fall, I would take a few minutes before I try again, but those younger kids just had the patience and positivity to do it again, until they learned. Skiing indeed involves one’s mental capacity as well. If you don’t give up after one fall, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Have Patience With Yourself And With The Sport

As with any sport or aspect in life, in general, patience is vital. If we are, to be honest to ourselves, there have been many times in our lives when we have failed, but because we want so much to succeed, we pick ourselves up and try and try again, and then we succeed. It’s the same with skiing. The barriers to our success as skiers lie on the kind of slopes we will be encountering, the weather today, and the way we look at challenges that we will face as we slide and glide through the snow.


If You’re About To Perform A Move, Don’t Hesitate

My instructor asked us once, “Did you see how the boy did that jump without having second thoughts? That’s why he didn’t fall. He didn’t think.”

Kids are more of the daredevils, and they just go ahead and do the move that’s required of us to do. I did that move four times because I hesitated. I was thinking about injuring my shoulder again or breaking my leg. I WAS THINKING. That was it. When one hesitates while doing a movie, he is unable to give it his all and eventually falls. The more you think, the harder it will be. As a rookie, you will experience mistakes and falls, but over time you’ll get the flow. Just get the courage not to hesitate.


Don’t Forget To Pack The Right Things


Most rookies forget important stuff before they go out into the snow to ski. Do remember to bring these please:

  • Snow boots
  • Water and snow proof jacket
  • Ski gloves
  • Foot and hand warmers
  • Ski goggles
  • Extra ski underwear
  • Ski pants
  • Ski socks
  • Crashpads
  • SPF moisturizer


There you go. You’re ready to start your journey to becoming the best skier in the neighborhood – along with your friends, of course!


Any more tips you want to share? Please do let us know here.